Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Give me Biiiig Aaanime eyes!"...

In a brief panic that I'm not keeping up with my weekly posts, I thought I'd just pop this up.

Here are a few designs I did for a- uummm... commercial job...... (BOOOOOO!) I know, originally I wanted to keep my commercial stuff off here just so it stays purely personal (if you know what I mean) but thought well commercial or not they still came from my mind, I still had to envisage & create them same way I would any other, so to me that still counts dagnammitt! but with this I'm extracting the impurity of advertising, branding & product placement with which they were created for... Hopefully you too will see them purly for what they are originally... an outlet & expression of creativity??

I think I'll save an in depth discussion on this topic for another post as I have too much to say on it... Trust me! Anyways here are some designs for those of you 'big Anime eyes' lovers out there. The characters needed to look full on anime style & fit a sort of guitar hero arcade game kinda feel.............. That is all.

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