Friday, 30 April 2010


See that? I call it 'super post' because it's 'super' quick!... Sort of like, "NEWS FLASH!"... or a... "THIS JUST IN!"... or maybe... "BREAKING NEWS!"....................

Anyway, just received word from a friend that the 2008 C.O.I. 'Try Life in Another language' commercial I co-directed & animated with Ewen [as Angry Natives] was featured in 'Drawn' Weblog.... "Eeeeexcellent!" Big thanks to John Martz for being kind enough to post it up! Vimeo hits are going nutz & we're getting a lot of great feedback! Thanks to everyone who's taking the time to watch it. Definitely more to come real soon so hope you stick around!   


D Z Greene said...

Hi man. I love your stuff.
I'm working on my first hand-drawn animation project and my brain was starting to shrivel up like a raisin then your videos really gave me a kick. Big thanks for that.
Catch up soon.

Max said...

Hi D Z,

thanks dude! Glad you liked the ad & really happy to hear they encouraged you. That's really what it's all about & the main reason I started this blog; to encourage myself & hopefully others in the process.

That's great! Are you making your film traditionally or all in Flash? Would be great to see how it's looking- feel free to pop by here anytime if ever you need advice on it or just to share some cool stuff.

Thanks for joining up!
PS: Loving your illustrations also man. Keep em coming!