Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A.T.A Development Work...

Thought I'd post up some of the concept/ development stuff I did for the 'Tag Attack'...... I didn't actually explain before but one of the main things I was hoping to achieve in my piece was the overall look & feel of a movie or mystery series made back in the 1960's. It's a very specific style of editing & acting; down to little details like editing mistakes, damaged film frames during transitions or cuts to a proceeding shot, even also to the way d.o.f is used [love it!]. Main inspirations on this were James bond flicks [Sean Connery] & believe it or not, cheesy Elvis movies from the late 50's. Also a piece of work that caught my eye last year sometime was illustrator Kevin Dart’s trailer/ titles for “A Kiss From Tokyo” animated by Stephane Coedel. Won't go into it too much right now but I absolutely loved it! Anyways, below are series of stages I went though leading up to the finished sequence.

Early on I knew I wouldn't have the time to put as much into the animation of the character as I would have liked, so dint spend much time designing him as a whole person. I knew he wouldn't move much at all so once I was happy with getting his face the way I wanted I just worked out his main pose & that was it; animating only his breathing motion & hospital gown umm... draping in the wind.

Again I didn't really have time to get too bogged down in detail with the development process so decided to just use these somewhat detailed thumbnail sketches as a final storyboard... [they made sense in my head]

Photoshop- digitally painted 


///BACKGROUND 05 time lapsed Artwork///

///BACKGROUND 04 time lapsed Artwork///

Sunday, 6 June 2010

ATA-Episode 6

So it's been a little while since my last post but hopefully my blog will forgive me as it's not all been in vain.... For the past few weeks now I've been working on & off on my episode for the 'Animation Tag Attack' & finally here it is... Had to cut short the precipice I was planning to end on due to time but think I'll add that in later on here as some what of an alternate ending.

Actually had a lot of fun & learnt loads working on this so it's been a nice little breakaway from commercial work. Hope you guys like it? All comments are welcome! Watch all the EP's together & let me know how it reads to you; it's interesting to see how each person interprets the narrative/ order of events so far.  I myself can make some sense out of it... Whether it's right or not, who knows [haha] but I guess that's what this little creative exercise is about........ ENJOY!         = )
PS: will post up some concept stuff soon...