Sunday, 6 June 2010

ATA-Episode 6

So it's been a little while since my last post but hopefully my blog will forgive me as it's not all been in vain.... For the past few weeks now I've been working on & off on my episode for the 'Animation Tag Attack' & finally here it is... Had to cut short the precipice I was planning to end on due to time but think I'll add that in later on here as some what of an alternate ending.

Actually had a lot of fun & learnt loads working on this so it's been a nice little breakaway from commercial work. Hope you guys like it? All comments are welcome! Watch all the EP's together & let me know how it reads to you; it's interesting to see how each person interprets the narrative/ order of events so far.  I myself can make some sense out of it... Whether it's right or not, who knows [haha] but I guess that's what this little creative exercise is about........ ENJOY!         = )
PS: will post up some concept stuff soon...


Vincent DC said...

Hey Max, long time no talkie, but i hope u r cool, WOW anime all nighter seems so far away now. How r u keepin?

Max said...

Vinnie my man! I'm great thanks, just keeping busy. Yeah tell me about it, almost seems like the anime all nighter was a dream... Think I'll go again next year- was fun.

How's trix with you dude? Hope good? What are you up to these days?

Ps: watch the 'Animation Tag Attack' sequences when you get a chance & let me know what you made of the storyline so far.