Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Captain's Log.....

Star date.... 13, 7, 2010...... I've been a real fan of the original [Gene Roddenberry] series for years now but actually only just managed to get them all on DVD, including the feature films. Such a shame the series only made it to 3 seasons but for how cleverly creative the storylines are I guess it makes them that much more of a collectors item. I remember watching episodes on TV as a kid & being totally mesmerized by the adventures Kirk, Spok, Bones McCoy & the rest of the crew went on. The costumes, makeup fx & [almost pantomime] lighting were great; even the now not so special "special effects"..... & on top of that I had my phase of absolutely believing Cptn Kirk was the coolest man in the galaxy...... I believe he still is!

Anyways, will be working on a series of Star Trek themed illustrations over the next few weeks. Here are some roughs I've worked up so far. I know there are other fellow secret 'Trekkies' out there so hope y'all like [more to come over the next few weeks].