Saturday, 26 February 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR' [Week: #03]

Well here's my lot for week three's early morning warm-up sketches: 'PERSPECTIVE'.

I absolutely love the challenge of drawing in perspective! Throwing myself in the deep end & attempting some insanely warped or just plane difficult angle must be a 'high' for me [the times I get it right that is]... Having to sit there racking your brain, putting memory muscle into overdrive in order to work out how an arm, rib cage, muscle tendons, >buttock< or other body parts would look & react to being stretched/ contracted for a particular pose... I'm pretty sure I've come close to giving myself a nose bleed! [I'm sure this is a good thing]

The 1st image was still 'dynamics' but the rest following on are 'perspective' based. The 1st two days [image #2 especially] were pretty bad but think I started warming up to it by Wednesday's sessions... [see what you think anyways]


Enjoy your weekend Folks!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR' [Week: #02]

Here's week two's batch of early morning warm-up sketches. Really starting to enjoy these exercises & believe it or not, getting up so early isn't as much a battle anymore... A lot of good & helpful feedback is being shared between myself & the guys I'm doing this with so looking forward to seeing improvements as time goes on...

Oh btw, hop over to the blog we've set up for our little online sketch-group! Feel free to 'follow', spread the word & join in even! The more the better... Details & info on what we're doing can be found there [SketcHHousE]. Hope to see you soon- Have a relaxing weekend folks = )


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Loose Paintings #1

Here's one of a few very loose study paintings I'm doing during spare time. Just experimenting with a few different techniques in contrast of how I'd normally work... I call this one, 'The Dancing Girl Harlot'... Yep... I kinda like her.

Hope you's guys dig?
'The Dancing Harlot'


Saturday, 12 February 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR'!!! [Week: #01]

Hey all! Hope everyone's had a nice week? or if not quite nice, hope you have something exciting lined up as a treat for the weekend = )

This week has been great! & no I didn't win the loto [I live a less complicated & happier life than that]; no, I've managed to discipline myself enough to get up SUPER early in the mornings to spend a solid hour sketching to 'warm up' for the day...... of course when I say "super early", I REALLY just mean 7am.......... & when I say "discipline myself", I ACTUALLY mean with the help of two good [fellow artist] friends of mine.

We basically agreed it'd be a good idea for us to meet online each morning [via Skype] & spend an hour sketching together. [The outline] is to give ourselves two to three themes we'll focus on each month [to get the most we can out of them without spreading ourselves too thinly].... This being the inaugural week, we decided to kick things off with a theme of 'Dynamic Poses'... [Join in].

I have to say though, aside from the burning of my eyes getting up as early as that [to sketch!?!?]... it's AWESOME! It's gratifying artistically & from a self discipline standpoint [try it!].... Now I think about it, it's actually really more of a ["support group"] than anything else... I dunno, you decide. Here are a few of my sketches to help formulate your answers:

Have a great weekend people!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Time lapse Fun!

A little time lapse footage I actually forgot to post showing the process I took from digital sketch to final digital painting... Hope y'all like?... New updates coming soon- stay tuned folks... Thanks!