Monday, 25 April 2011

Coming to a thetre near you!!!

Ok originally I wasn't planning on adding any typographic elements to this but thankfully I was convinced otherwise by a friend, so had a crack at it! Didn't spend a whole lot of time on this, just enough to suggest the particular vintage feel I was going for; [btw] I usually grab my fonts from here >click<...

Poster #01: Original.

On composing the text layout for this now 'faux film' poster, one thing I noticed while studying actual 1950's movie poster art was that 'yellow' is one- if not THE most dominant & far most used colour on the main titles...  I'd even go as far as to say -generally- speaking it's hues are the most exploited all round on the majority of posters [at least the ones I've come across]...
Poster #02: Monochromatic.

From a marketing/ advertising stand-point I can't say I'm surprised really; walking through my local high street or shopping complex, within the 1st 10-15 minutes I've already spotted two McDonald's chains, a Subway & a bunch of hazard warning signs... needless to say, 'yellow' does a pretty good job of visually slapping you in the face, screaming, "HEEEEY, HERE I AM, LOOK AT ME"!... with that in mind, I implemented it into this composition... Isn't that odd- suddenly I'm feeling quite hungry... [end of post]
'TERROR from the Ninth Galaxy' full painting [monochromatic vers]


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