Saturday, 16 April 2011

'It Came From Outer... my head'

Well here it is guys! A few tweaks here & there from the preliminary sketch but overall happy with the results. Still an untitled piece so feel free to throw in some suggestions/ comments below. I have a few more in mind to do, so be good to get your [yes YOU there]- your feedback = ) ... BTW here's what started it all, roughly 17 years ago >click<... Messed-Me-Up!!!... & here's the full movie in parts >click<  Enjoy!
'TERROR from the Ninth Galaxy' ©Maxwell. A. Oginni 2011

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Christen said...

Thats fucking awesome Max! Weeehaaaa

Max said...

Thanks Christen, glad you like! Just need a title for it now.

Terry said...

Wow, this pic totally oozes style and movement. It's energetic and ever so slightly surreal. Wonderful lighting and it really brings to mind the classic US alien invasion movies. Looks also like a piece of concept art for a movie. Excellent stuff! Alternative title: "Run, Earthlings, RUN!"

..or :

"The Thing From Uranus"
(but probably not)

Max said...

Terry! Wow, thanks for that very concise & informative feedback mate! Really gratifying all of that came across to you.

Ha ha ha! "The Thing From Uranus"... I'll save that for the sequel!

Thanks T!