Tuesday, 14 June 2011

'Morlocks' in progress...

A little work in progress...

Image #1
Image #2
I was having some compositional issues with this piece in the beginning [image #1]; mainly with the pillar/ subjects tied to it & far BG... In relation to the foreground subjects, something about it didn't quite sit right; eventually I came to realise it was the depth between them all [or lack there of]. It was nowhere near dynamic enough so the resulting problem was that same experience you get when staring at an image on a screen or a painting too closely... there's no sense of depth & everything looks 'flat'. To get around this I scaled the middle & BG down by about 60-70%, keeping the base of the middle ground relatively in the same position as was originally [image #2]...
Image #3
Image #4

Felt & looked a lot better but I now had a lot of dead space... [Doh!]... Decided to give the composition an added description to help sell the sense of depth even further & bridge the gap between foreground & middle ground; so threw in a shadowy cave entranceway [image #3]. I'm hoping to get across some nice 'under-lighting' here; part highlighting the mysterious Morlocks & a little spilling onto the roof of the cave entrance they're peering out from.

I won't be spending as much time on this piece as I did the 1st painting but as always would love to hear your thoughts & welcome any feedback. Peace out y'allz!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

... Morlocks!!!

 Hello all!

So I was watching the 1960 classic adaptation of H.G Wells' 'The Time Machine' [directed by George Pal] a couple months back; it had been a while since I last saw it but totally fell in love with it again! There's just a real charm to these classic films & the way they were made back then; everything from the well thought out dialogue/ acting, fantastic costumes, amazing set designs, to the various colour process' they were shot in [specifically during the 1950's to 60's], they're just great to watch no matter what mood you're in... Also looking at the SFX in this film, [to me] they still look great- in that sort of 'hand crafted' kind of way.

Soooo, since the first painting I did was thankfully well received, I'm that much more convinced to continue down this Vintage Poster Art Venture. As you've now guessed my next piece will be in homage to this awesome movie but more specifically this cheerful bunch otherwise known as...

<<<------The Morlocks!

Stay tuned!