Wednesday, 27 July 2011

'Chamber of the Morlocks'

Hi everyone! OK, here's my next piece titled 'Chamber of the Morlocks'. For any newcomers to my blog, firstly thanks for stopping by; this is the second piece of my Vintage Poster-art Venture; you can check out the first piece >here<... So for this painting, I'd decided to pay homage to the 1960 classic adaptation of H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine'; more specifically, the subterranean race known as the Morlocks... I'll save going into all the  nitty gritty details here but will post up a little process breakdown possibly tomorrow.

Here's the scene from the movie that inspired this painting >click<... All in all, a slightly less optimistic outcome for our hero, but here's my 'No B/S' interpretation of what really should have happened... I think you'll agree? ; )
'Chamber of the Morlocks' ©Maxwell. A. Oginni 2011

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

'The Morlocks' teaser...

Afternoon y'allz! Hope everyone's good & having a great week thus far? Well as per usual for any working Londoner, the past few weeks have been pretty darn busy with work, family visits & other bits & pieces; once again, finding worthy time for my personal work just seems to be getting increasingly harder & harder...

That repetitive rant being said, I've decided it time to [so to speak] summon up my inner 'Balboa' & FIGHT BACK! As of this week I've made a bold but healthy decision to remove myself from commercial work [for a short while] & will be focusing on a few of my most prime projects. I won't go into them now but in procession of my current venture, below is a little teaser section of my next, very nearly complete painting now titled 'Chamber of The Morlocks'. Just a few hours off now... Hope you like?

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Happy Wednesday folks!


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Render Doodles #3



Tuesday, 5 July 2011