Thursday, 18 August 2011

'Femme Fatale' piece...

And here she is... Really enjoyed working on this piece. The concept came about just as an exercise with this fun lil 'creative group' I take part in every week [it's an open group so feel free to join]... So as I mentioned in my last post, I've always loved those old B/W photos of early 'Hollywood' movie stars; the shallow D.O.F of the cameras, the lighting, the mood etc... So this exercise was the perfect excuse to try my hand at mimicking that timeless look in a painting...

'Lust Widow' ©Maxwell. A. Oginni 2011
As with every painting/ study exercise, I'm really trying to explore & learn new things. In the past two months or so I've been studying from a few different artists; all having different techniques & philosophies but probably the one most unifying lessons I've gotten from them all is the 'value in making mistakes'...

One artist I'm currently learning a great deal from right now is American illustrator Greg Manchess. A truly amazing talent & super nice guy too. Check out this video trailer of his 2 part DVD series  "Above the Timberline", where he explains his creative process & philosophies as an artist & how to become a successful one. I think it's still available to purchase so grab yourself a copy if you can- well worth it!

Here's a direct >link<
Enjoy ; )


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