Friday, 14 October 2011

Shhhh... Poster #3 Sneak Peak...

S'up guys! Excuse my short absence on here due to setting up the second blog for my sketch-work... Been working like a mad man these past few weeks/ months on various projects; all very much worth the grind though, Hard work + Diligence + Patience = PROGRESS!!! Speaking of progression, I'm very nearly done with my next Vintage Movie-poster piece- WOOHOO! I'm now basically working on several posters at a go... So far it's working out pretty well but as always, I'll keep you updated with my progress in stages. In the meantime here's a little teaser section of my next piece... Hope you guys like it so far?


Monday, 3 October 2011

Speed paint #11

Hi guys, I've set up a new blog just for my warm-ups, sketches & development work. I figured I'd just keep this blog specifically for finished stuff so it's not all over the place... You'll now find my sketchwork at To those already 'following' me here, I'd LOVE your 'follow-support' there too... to new visitors, if you likes what ya see, feel free to 'follow' me here & on my Sketchblog... I'd appreciate the support & some lovely company. Thanks guys! ; )

Oh, here's Today's Sketch-ercise... This weeks theme...? '1940's-50's Hollywood Glamour' [character exploration]... Ps: Hot dang, check out the chin on her!!!