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Friday, 14 October 2011

Shhhh... Poster #3 Sneak Peak...

S'up guys! Excuse my short absence on here due to setting up the second blog for my sketch-work... Been working like a mad man these past few weeks/ months on various projects; all very much worth the grind though, Hard work + Diligence + Patience = PROGRESS!!! Speaking of progression, I'm very nearly done with my next Vintage Movie-poster piece- WOOHOO! I'm now basically working on several posters at a go... So far it's working out pretty well but as always, I'll keep you updated with my progress in stages. In the meantime here's a little teaser section of my next piece... Hope you guys like it so far?



Bruno Chekerdimian said...

Beautiful sketch! The light you use on your posters are so awesome!

... MaX said...

Thanks Bruno. Great feedback man! Went for a more theatrical lighting setup in this piece, so hopefully should be even more dramatic than the others.