Friday, 4 November 2011

T-1000 [Planet Pulp Fan Art]

Came across this fun blog a couple months ago called planet-pulp. Basically a bunch of guys who share a keen interest & love of everything 'Pulp culture'; from old TV sitcoms to classic movies, comics etc... Every month they have a chosen theme in which they produce several pieces of art as homage to that particular bit of Pulp.

Being a real lover of this kinda stuff, I decided to throw something in myself... This months theme tributes the legendary VFX master we knew as Stan Winston... A dream theme for any kid alive in the 80's, who loved films with monsters & scribbled with pencils #spoiltforchoice! Let's see, there was "The Thing"? "Terminator" #1? "Predator"? "Aliens"...? & that's just to name a few in the 80's, not to mention the icons he created in the 90's...

I decided I'd go with Terminator #2 Judgment Day's T-1000... As I resist all urges to write an essay on how much I still love this film, I'll just say watching this as a 11-12yr old, Robert Patrick scared the CRAP out of me, haha! Anyways, not so much a caricature as it is a character re-design of how I saw him in the movie as a kid, here's my submission, hope you like it? Drop a comment below, FB share, Like or Tweet & let me know what you think. THANKS GUYS!
©Maxwell. A. Oginni 2011

Hop over to the Planet Pulp blog also & check out the awesome submissions there... For outside contributors [of which I am] , if you'd like to take part, add them on twitter for details.