Friday, 30 December 2011

"Footprints" commission... complete!

Hi folks! So here's the final result of the "Footprints" poem I was commissioned to do by a friend. Finished it two weeks ago now I think, & took me [all in all, counting the hours] roughly 2-3 days to complete. Enjoyed working on this & as always, learnt a lot... Aside from a few niggly things that [I feel] I didn't quite nail, I'd say it's pretty close to what I originally envisioned reading the poem... so I'm happy!

Thanks to those who dropped feedback on the first WIP post I made; Nathan, Ant, Dawn & Shaun. Thanks especially to Shaun for taking the time to put together the image breakdown directly below. Shaun was kind enough to take a few minutes out to do a rough paint-over on my WIP to help break up some of the symmetry with subtle shape/ compositional shifts... Thanks again dude, it definitely helped. Hop over to Shaun's site to check out some of his amazing work & say, "hi".

And here's my lovely friend [& pleased to say, "happy customer"] Tanya, sat next to the super high resolution artwork I emailed her just before she headed out to get it printed, framed & wrapped as a Christmas gift for her friend ; )

*** If interested & would like to make an inquiry on personalised/ custom artwork, feel free to drop me a line at Should hopefully have an online store up & running soon [just working out the business end] so you'll also be able to purchase my artwork from there*** ;)

Thanks for stoping by folks!



Kate Meyrick said...

Hi Max, this looks amazing! I really love the lighting in all of your work!
Also I just wanted to say thanks for the comments on bequietanddraw.I did reply but in the comment thread on my blog so I have no idea if you saw that or not, sorry, I'm still getting to grips with this blog! I'm finding tumblr easier but I suppose not as many people use it.

... MaX said...

Hi Kate!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the feedback. No problem at all, & thanks for your helpful response. I really love you work & I loved the "In the Jungle" mural you painted! I'm gonna plug your blog on my FB & Twitter once I get a few mins; more people need to see your amazing work!!!

Kate Meyrick said...

Hi, thanks very much for your comment, I saw it when I read my email this morning and it's really made my morning! I will do the same on my blogs and fb.

bernardo said...

i like it 'cuz there's a complicated story to pass through, and its delightfull!
i bet i could explain it better in portuguese, but whatehell..

... MaX said...

@Kate: It's my pleasure =) Thanks.

@Bernardo: Thank you man! I'd love to hear your interpretation of it dude! heheh, your English is fine!