Monday, 25 April 2011

Coming to a thetre near you!!!

Ok originally I wasn't planning on adding any typographic elements to this but thankfully I was convinced otherwise by a friend, so had a crack at it! Didn't spend a whole lot of time on this, just enough to suggest the particular vintage feel I was going for; [btw] I usually grab my fonts from here >click<...

Poster #01: Original.

On composing the text layout for this now 'faux film' poster, one thing I noticed while studying actual 1950's movie poster art was that 'yellow' is one- if not THE most dominant & far most used colour on the main titles...  I'd even go as far as to say -generally- speaking it's hues are the most exploited all round on the majority of posters [at least the ones I've come across]...
Poster #02: Monochromatic.

From a marketing/ advertising stand-point I can't say I'm surprised really; walking through my local high street or shopping complex, within the 1st 10-15 minutes I've already spotted two McDonald's chains, a Subway & a bunch of hazard warning signs... needless to say, 'yellow' does a pretty good job of visually slapping you in the face, screaming, "HEEEEY, HERE I AM, LOOK AT ME"!... with that in mind, I implemented it into this composition... Isn't that odd- suddenly I'm feeling quite hungry... [end of post]
'TERROR from the Ninth Galaxy' full painting [monochromatic vers]


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Painting Progression...

Thanks to my good friends on FaceBook & the 'glitchy' new FB 'Question' app, this painting now bares the title, 'TERROR from The Ninth Galaxy'... Here's a little painting progression to say thanks for voting!


Saturday, 16 April 2011

'It Came From Outer... my head'

Well here it is guys! A few tweaks here & there from the preliminary sketch but overall happy with the results. Still an untitled piece so feel free to throw in some suggestions/ comments below. I have a few more in mind to do, so be good to get your [yes YOU there]- your feedback = ) ... BTW here's what started it all, roughly 17 years ago >click<... Messed-Me-Up!!!... & here's the full movie in parts >click<  Enjoy!
'TERROR from the Ninth Galaxy' ©Maxwell. A. Oginni 2011

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

***Vintage Movie Poster Art Venture***

Good day all! Wow, what a beautifully sunny day it is here in ole London. Hope you're all well & having a positive week?... Good good...

OK, so I think I had mentioned in my 4th post down that for a while now I've been very interested in & an admirer of 1950's-60's vintage movie poster art... or just generally anything film- TV- animation or illustration relating to that period... Well, during some of my frequent interweb hording sessions, I've come across a few very useful places to visit for such things; here are some I hope you find as interesting as I do: >click< <click< >click<

I've been doing a few studies on the look of these retro posters & am hoping to capture some of their aesthetics in my coming works. I love the paint strokes, lighting & texture found in most commercial artwork from this era; particularly the dry-brush/ gouache rendered stuff... Although, at this [still early] stage of my career, I'm working mainly in digital so sadly my skills with traditional painting aren't yet as honed as I'd like them to be... but I'm hopeful to see how well I can blend this look into my work.

As far as poster artists go, typically,  I would of course have to say Reynold Brown is top of my list for his undeniable talent & huge contribution the film industry. Staring at any of his artworks, his sense of composition & technique just seems to pull you right there into the movie; in many cases giving you a more vibrant & interesting representation than the feature itself! But I guess that's the marketing bait film posters/ trailers are designed to put out [basically he does it well]... Another, [although with a slightly more different approach] has to be Drew Struzan; what a gift he has & honestly, what would the promotional face of 80's movies have been without the life & fantasy he brought into his iconic posters?... Regarding these two pieces [left & above], I searched & searched for the names of their artists but unfortunately couldn't trace them...
[if you know, *please* drop me a name]

Anyways, so I roughed out this sketch about a month ago & have been dabbing away at the painting on & off during spare time from commercial work. Will go a little more into it in my next post- no title as yet but I'm all ears...

I'm quite fixated with the retro sci-fi B-movie & fantasy genre, in general & regarding these movie posters; I think more for the fact your imagination can run it's wildest with no real limitations... This will be the 1st of my own hybrid renditions. It's almost done now so stick around & I'll be sure to post the finished painting up next couple days. Doubt I'll be adding any form of typographic elements, but as always would love to know what you guys think.

Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are!