Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Legends of the American Old West" Art Book!

Hi folks! Here's another finished painting I started & completed some weeks after my last movie poster; this piece titled 'Belle Starr' (Bandit Queen). I think I made an official blog post about this particular project on my maxidoodle sketch/ WIP blog, but basically this piece is for a western themed Art book I was invited to contribute to by my pal Mike Collins! Some of you may have read me mention his name before on earlier posts, but Mike is a super cool & talented L.A based digital clean-up Artist for Cartoon Network.

The book is basically going to be a compilation of artworks by over 30 different artists from around the globe all working under the same theme of 'Legends of the American Old West'.
Here's the official post I made for more details on the project...

As well as Mike, there are some other amazing people featuring in this book also. Just to name a few, there's talented Jez Tuya, Rhys Byfield, Gillian Reid, Justin Rodrigues + much more! Here's a great post over on Mike's blog showing how the book's looking so far.

Will post up a WIP breakdown over the next few days to share my thought process on working on my piece. I went in several different directions in the beginning & couldn't quite decide where to go, but thanks to the help of my friends online who threw in their thoughts & opinions, I was able to settle with something... One thing I did manage to agree with myself on was to present the piece as a movie poster for a classic Western you might have seen back in the late 40's or so... Stemming from my Vintage Movie Poster project, it was actually more of an experiment to try out a few new painting techniques & compositional style (combining studies of a little Frazetta & McGinnis)... Was definitely pleased with the results, & the response from people on the final piece was amazing (very surprising actually). I also decided to give some shout-outs in the "film credits" to some friends too =)

Hope you guys like it also!


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