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Friday, 3 February 2012

"Really Made My Day"

Hi guys... No direct art to share today, but something a little more meaningful that really made my day (& got me thinking)... A few of you may have seen a couple posts back, I did a little Christmas card piece for a cyber pal of mine & all round great guy Mike Collins (check out his awesome blog here); well, it was actually for his little boy, Sam... Mike & I connected on Twitter a few months ago through a mutual contact, & as well as talking artsy, geeky stuff with him, I've had the pleasure of coming to know him as a genuinely decent human being...

Mike had mentioned his little boy Sam ("Samster") on several occasions as following in his footsteps as a big comic superhero Fanboy, as well as just generally mentioning how proud he was of him & I was always really moved by this. So I thought, as Christmas was just around the corner, it'd be nice to do a little personalised Card for him... I messaged Mike explaining all the above (excluding my welling up over his "tweets" mentioning his boy), & that I'd love to do an illustration for Sam as a Christmas present. Mike was really appreciative, & to my surprise even went on to express he too wanted to send some artwork my way as a gift & gesture of kindness... Right there & then, I thought to myself, "You know...? This really is what Art is all about...". Art in all forms is about giving & sharing something, triggering reaction & emotion...

Yesterday, Mike sent me this awesome photo above of lil' "Samster" with his gift all framed up & rocking matching "Spidey" hoodie like a BAWSSS! heheh, thanks for sending this hough Mike, I'm really glad he liked it =)

In conclusion, whatever your God given Art (gift, talent, ability), make someone smile today*
Here's to Art, Friendship & Sharing...
Love Life, Love Art.