Friday, 15 February 2013

ATA Poster Artwork...

WIP of a poster I'm designing for a collaborative animated short I was a part of a while back, called "The Animation Tag Attack"... The project, founded by multi-talented artist/ animator/ musician, Christen Bach actually started back in early 2010, & was completed in 2011... Since then it's been traveling the world on the festival circuit; one of which was at the Annecy Animation festival last year, which I was awesome to have been able to attend. The film has been received well & even picked up a number of awards on it's travels!

A year or so on, & the film is STILL traveling, & has been accepted into several other shows! A few of these festivals it seems require poster artwork of the selected films, so Christen got in touch & asked if I could put something together... So here's a little teaser.... (more to come)
Fig: 01
Fig: 02


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Commercial Stuff (Pt:01)

Hi guys! It's just dawned on my how much I've yet to post up on here. Mostly due to either being too busy + a little forgetful. So over the next week or two, I'll be making a huge attempt to play catch up with it all... I promise! In fact, here's something to kick things off...

SPIRIVA 'HANDIHALER' VIDEO 03 "Diaphragmatic Breathing" from Max on Vimeo.

Back in the middle of 2011, I directed (at my then representative studio, th1ng) a series of 8 instructional videos designed for those suffering from COPD (a respiratory disease), which explained how to use a new medicinal product called the handihaler... In short, the brief was to design a character which would be the mascot/ narrator of the videos... a sort of coach/ drill sergeant.

The next three images are initial designs I knocked up as a first round... I wanted to capture a lot of
Fig 01: My fave here was the guy up top pointing & blowing a whistle...
charm & personality in the character... I'm a huge appreciator of Zagreb Film & UPA's works (who isn't?), so any opportunity I get to experiment with that style, look & technique of animation, I jump right on it! Since this spot was for an instructional video, it was a perfect opportunity... Here's one of my favourites from Zagreb, & another from UPA.

Fig: 02

This particular version here, the clients asked for a look similar to a previous commercial I had co-directed... (Thankfully they didn't go with them)
Fig: 03

At this stage, the clients had now suggested if somehow I could create a character out of the actual product itself... I hated the idea, as I felt it'd be too cheesy & could easily see what should have been a "charming" character, turn into one of those stereotypically, over-excited product mascots you just wanna punch repeatedly in the face!

Again, thankfully they didn't go with it, but I did like the one on the right... The visual of his entire head rapidly opening & closing (hinged on one side) as he'd speak had me cracking up inside.

Fig 04: Colour variations

Fig: 05
Here's the one they went with in the end, which thankfully was the one I was rooting for... He was now named, "Coach Chester" :)

They liked this version with the grey top & blue track-pants, so did a very quick page of poses to give the clients an idea of funny actions he could do.

Fig: 06
Clients now asked for him to lose a bit of weight, as they felt he was a little too on the plumpy-side to be a coach... (should've see the gym teacher I had back in school)... They selected #1.

Fig: 07

Based on their brand colours, I then generated a few variations for Chester's outfit.

Fig: 08

... And finally, here's the character turn-around I knocked up from the client's chosen colours... Most animated TV show characters in the 1950's had a thick-stoke outline; this gave more weight to the characters, & really helped 'pop' them from the backgrounds.