Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Survivors of Cheron" (Bele & Lokai).

Here's a piece I just just wrapped up last night for this months Planet Pulp monthly themed show... This months theme (I'm sure some of you super cool geeks out there will have guessed) was "Star Trek"

Those who know me well will know I'm an Original Series man, so naturally, that's where I went.

These two characters are redesigns of "Bele" & "Lokai", from the episode #15, season 3 show: "Let that be your Last Battle field"... Originally titled "A Portrait in Black & White", (which I prefer),  Bele & Lokai are two alien beings from the war-torn planet "Cheron"... Bele, a law enforcer (who is played by the ever animated Frank Gorshin), has been in pursuit of Lokai (Lou Antonio), a refugee/ rebel on the run from oppression, for 50,000 years (Earth years, to be precise), for "political crimes"... The episode ends with the two being completely consumed by their unending feud of racial ignorance & mutual hate towards one another.

Watch the full episode here.


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