Saturday, 21 September 2013

Four Weddings & an Animator...

Hi everyone! Been quite a while since my last post; so much has been happening these past few months, it's crazy! It's wedding season here so I've been attending stag doos, engagement parties, suit fittings, dance rehearsals & weddings both in London & abroad! One of which was the wedding of my good friends Danny & Milana, who had theirs in Serbia. Was really an amazing event & trip, & I couldn't be more thrilled for them both!

I actually stopped off in Croatia for three nights before hand, just as a bit of a holiday. I stayed in the city of Split, which is right on the coast & has some of the most gorgeous scenery!

The other was that of my very close friend, David. Congrats again, bro! Here's a vid of what went down at the reception...

Aside from weddings etc, I've also been working pretty full on at a cool little studio called Electric Theatre Collective. Been there for about 3 months now developing a series of animated idents for "Talk Talk", who are currently sponsors of the X-Factor TV show. I'm also working with these most talented bunch of peeps: the guys from The Line, Stephen Vuillemin, Carlos de faria, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Aya Suzuki, Daniela Negrin, Marie-Margaux and James Hately; most of whom are friends of mine + others I have worked with on past jobs, so was a pleasant surprise seeing them all the first day I started. Shout out to Wesley Lewis & James Duveen for referring me on the job.
Here's the team...
It's been a huge honour working with such an amazingly talented & lovely bunch of people. I've learnt lots, made new friends & caught up with some old ones too.

The guys from The Line have gone on to work on their next short film (which I'm looking forward to seeing), but a few of us are still here working on the remaining spots. I'll post up some designs I did for the ad later, but for now here's the first batch of idents I worked on which are now being aired. I animated the "chalk board" spot at the end & also the little girl in the first seq.

Talk Talk "Idents" from Electric Theatre Collective on Vimeo.

Also, here's the "making of" of the production... Ps: That's my arm at 1:30... Enjoy!