Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A.T.A Finished Poster

Hi all! Been a busy few week here, but finally catching up with my posts. Here's the finished festival promo poster for the Animation Tag Attack short film. (more info on previous post)
I wanted to convey the look/ feel of classic 'Pulp' magazine covers; here's a great pulp-art FaceBook Page I follow which I was able to draw reference & inspiration from.

The film itself it pretty dark & twisted, so wanted this to come across in the design... As usual, I did a few thumbnails to work out the scene. Since I didn't have too much time to get the poster finished, as I was working on a commercial job at the time, I settled on this layout fairly quickly... (think it was actually on my 2nd thumb).

During working up the composition, I decided to off-set the floor plane of the figures in the background... Originally it was on a straight horizontal, but insetting it an a slight angle, instantly it gave it a more dynamic feel... It also helped break up a little 'mirroring' I could see developing.

Creating a sharp sense of "all eyes directed at" the two central figures was also something I wanted to get across, hens the surrounding figures menacingly luring over the two in the middle, as though they were ants under a magnifying glass... Below are a few colour grade variations I ended up with... couldn't quite decide which I liked the most. Love to know which you prefer...?

Here's one of my reference/ mood boards, where I had up characters from the actual film + other bits I liked... I particularly liked the colours on the image top left.

Generally, I'm a huge Frazetta (below right/ bottom) & Jeff Jones (below left) fan, so naturally + considering this was for a pulp-style illustration, I drew from them both.