Sunday, 9 June 2013

Planet Pulp Gallery Show #1

Hi guys!

Hope you're all well & have had a good weekend? It's been a buys few months here with lots happening; one of which is potentially moving into a new apartment. I won't bore you with the details, but there's been a lot of non-exciting paper work involved! Off that & onto more interesting news, I'm excited to announce Planet Pulp are officially launching their 1st Gallery Show, "RED"!!

I've been a member of the PP online-artist community for a little while now, contributing every now & again to the monthly themes, & I'm pleased to say I'll be exhibiting in this it's 1st PHYSICAL gallery show also! There are an amazing bunch of artists contributing to the show (my good buddy Shaun Bryant being one of them). We have a secrete online forum which we've been using to share our WIPs to each other, & I can honestly say the show is going to ROCK! I'd like to say a big well done & thank you to Jayson Weidel (PP's founder) for having the vision for this show & seeing it through to it's reality! A lot of effort has gone into putting this together & I'm sure I speak for all the PP artists when I say it's very much appreciated.

I'll be submitting 3 pieces to this show, all of which I've themed around an early Buster Crabbe "Flash Gordon". Directly below is a cropped sneak peak teaser of my 1st completed piece. I've had so much fun working this up & can't wait to show you the finished thing.  I'd also like to thank my pal Alex for providing a great added inspiration for the colour theme ;)

Below are my three pieces in line-work stage. I've always been interested in Flash Gordon as a character, so this was a great opportunity to explore him even more while creating my own rendition.

I hope those of you over in the Los Angeles side will be able to make the show! (more to come...)


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"Final Frontier" Star Trek Art-Show!

Hey all! If anyone's in Paris right now (or will be within this month) & fancies going to an awesome art show, head over to the Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde & check out the "Final Frontier" Star Trek Art show I'm a part of, hosted by the good folks at My "Survivors of Cheron" piece is being exhibited there among some other cool artists! The show premiered just yesterday & will be running until the 30th of June!
There will be a limited print run of x20 only of my piece, which you can pre-order (only at the show) OR wait till after the show has ended to order directly off the Geek-Art online store (yet to be updated for this exhibit).

Hope some of you guys will be able to catch the show!

Live long & prosper, y'all _\\//