Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sketch Dailies' 'Aquaman'...

Hello all! Apologies for my lack of presence here; I'll give you a great excuse on the next post (which has been in 'draft' mode for the past couple months) ;) Anyway, here's an 'Aquaman' piece I did as a fun first time contribution to the Sketch Dailies community. [line-art version below]

I've been off sick the past couple days, so got a chance to put a little more time & effort into the rendering... Working on 'Mr Bean: the animated series' is certainly keeping me busy (more news there in the next post, so stay tuned)... I think this is actually the first painted piece I've done this year, so felt good! Hope you like & feel free to share. [More to come]



Bruno Chekerdimian said...

Beautiful illustration! I love your style Max! You know I'm your big fan, right?

-MaX- said...

haha. Thanks Bruno! No I didn't know, but I feel very honoured & flattered, my friend.